Delectable taste, aroma and the ambiance can’t help you devour that food marketed on Wakad street food/Khau Gallies. Apart from its delightful taste, things that separate it are the culture and history that evolved with it. Encumbered within lanes and small roads of wakad area, are the stalls of these hard working people who have their life dependent on it. Wakad street food is something you should never miss out on!

Street Food/Khau galli opposite to Prime City Centre and Orion Hospital, Wakad

Vaishnavi Tea n Snack Centre (Indori Poha and Masala Chai Speciality)

litti chokha - IMG 20170622 190555 300x168 - WAKAD KHAU GALLI / STREET FOODS OF WAKAD

What could be more comforting for the evening than a cup of tea with mixed aromas of ginger and cinnamon powder? Vaishnavi tea stall is a perfect saviour to this. You can relish a hot cup of tea with some  healthy Poha, crispy and fresh alongside. This could make up for a healthy breakfast or an evening snack.

 Owner: Bablu Prasad “My speciality is Masala Chai & Special indori poha”

 Customer Review: Jagruti – “a frequenter at Vaishnavi loves having a cup of masala chai..”

Dev Narayan Pavbhaji

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Pavbhaji is one of the most enticing food that is easy on the pocket and is a filler. This place is a must try  for those who are fond of Indian delicacies,a mix of butter and potatoes. Hot, delicious,colorful. Pavbhaji is a famous dish across all metropolitan cities and is a favorite amongst the crowd because that’s the way Indians like their food. Babu Lal is one of those vendors who have developed his likeliness for taste among his customers.One of the best Pavbhaji stalls across Wakad.

Ma lakshmi Bhel pakodi centre(Samosas,Panipuri, bhel, ragda pattice)

litti chokha - IMG 20170622 190835 300x293 - WAKAD KHAU GALLI / STREET FOODS OF WAKAD

Exotic mouth-watering dishes at a very quick service and minimal rates.They have had perfect use of spices which includes cardamom, cayenne, tamarind and other pungent ingredients, the resulting taste combinations are unlike anything found elsewhere in Wakad. The hot and tasty snacks along with a cup of tea are too good to ignore. This stall has also prompted a significant amount of loyal customers.

Owner– Suresh Gujjal/Barbu lal says he is offering his delicacy for past 2 years and has loyal followers

Customer review– Mrutunjay “prompt service and quick readiness dishes is very much liked. Time is money. Their PaniPuri and Aloo Tikki are his favorite.”

Jyotiba Dosa Centre(Special Sponge Dosa)

litti chokha - IMG 20170622 191215 300x168 - WAKAD KHAU GALLI / STREET FOODS OF WAKAD

If you love savoring south Indian food,then this might be the right stop for you. This could be a delicious munch throughout the day, healthy and invoking your taste buds. The crispiness and sponge balanced in the famous dosa would leave you wanting more.The coconut chutney just have the exact mix of spices and flavours which blends amazingly with the dosa, adding to that the sambhar served hot and spicy would just leave you mesmerized.

 Owner– Saudagar says Loni Sponge dosa  is his specialty and hot favorite among his loyal customers.

Street Food/khau galli adjacent to Chirayu Hospital/Indus Bank ATM, wakad

Saasa Chinese(All type of Chinese dishes, Manchurian, rice, noodles, etc.)

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Indian flavours have the authenticity to mix with cuisine of any kind, added to that Chinese food being one of the most preferred snack when narrowed down to street foods. The added vinegar and chillie sauces just fit for the right combination, especially for kids.The  Chinese food gives a  titillating food experience  with a quick bite  of Manchurian and rice, noodles being the favourite.

Authentic food – Goan – Ras Omelette / Singapore noodles, Chicken 65 / chicken

Owner- Umesh says Chinese is his specialty.

Shreyash Chicken Shawarma (Shawarma in Indian style, Kathi Rolls)

litti chokha - IMG 20170622 192109 300x168 - WAKAD KHAU GALLI / STREET FOODS OF WAKAD

Did the shawarma felt like having a little too less spice although it has been one of the favourite of Punekars, the tongue twisting flavours of Indian cuisine when mixed with the shawarma’s light ingredient make it much tastier and better suited to Indian taste buds.Shreyash has been famous for his delectable and suited to Indian taste style shawarama,do try it out since it has a tinge of tadka in it.

Owner- Shreyash says Chicken Shawarma known for Shawarma / chicken rolls / momos

Customer review- Vishal– “shawarma is appetizing / it’s not the authentic one but still a amazing indian version”

Haryana special jalebi and Gulab Jamun

litti chokha - IMG 20170622 192610 300x168 - WAKAD KHAU GALLI / STREET FOODS OF WAKAD litti chokha - IMG 20170622 192632 300x168 - WAKAD KHAU GALLI / STREET FOODS OF WAKAD

Indian cuisine uses the whole palette of flavours—spicy, sour, sweet, and hot all at the same time and nothing comes better with a sweetilicious plate of gulab jamun and jalebi. This place is perfect  for people with a sweet tooth as it doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket as compared to a dessert at a big restro,along with it it just a traditional touch of our scrumptious Indian sweets.

Owner- Baldev ram says his jalebis and gulabjamun has the authentic taste of Haryana

Vikas Paratha Center.

litti chokha - IMG 20170622 192736 300x168 - WAKAD KHAU GALLI / STREET FOODS OF WAKAD

Nothing feels better than a plate of paratha served with curd, salad and pickle, be it in the morning or evening, it takes us back to the home kitchen. Though this place brims with customers, the idea of getting creative with the stuffing since here you will find all varieties and nothing goes to be a better filler than a full meal with butter on top.

Owner- Vijay Chauhan – We specialize in many varieties of parathas and I have no time to breathe post 7.30pm when customers flock at my counter. I don’t want to say about my Parathas as my food does the talking… lajavab

Sagar kachchi Dabeli. (Different types of dabelis)

litti chokha - IMG 20170622 192953 300x168 - WAKAD KHAU GALLI / STREET FOODS OF WAKAD

When you are in one of the suburbs of Maharashtra, you can’t deny the most delicious dish Dabeli,it is a cornerstone of Indian masala mashed with tomato and garnered with sev, one of the most famous dishes in Pune next to vadapav.This place has the speciality for Dabeli,a must try if you’re living anywhere in Pune.

Boston Food Truck in wakad

litti chokha - IMG 20170622 193602 300x168 - WAKAD KHAU GALLI / STREET FOODS OF WAKAD

Owner Anand Served the Food Streets of  boston for 5 Years and now serving the authentic taste in India. We’ve come up with all kinds of fusions with Indian food yet no one has ever been consistent in serving Indian based Italian food with the a beautiful quality and distinguished taste that leaves you totally in vanquish. This food truck is also present in Zomato and the best part is pricing with quality, you will get to have the best Italian Indian fusion at a very minimal rate.

Customer: Parag – “I tried out thin Crust Pizza which was served with green toppings and garnished with continental spices, and it truly carried american flavours. His other specialities are Burgers with American pickles, Hot dogs and more…”

Litti Chokha

litti chokha - IMG 20170622 194912 300x168 - WAKAD KHAU GALLI / STREET FOODS OF WAKAD

The most favoured snack of Bihari is litti chokha,it needs an altogether different arrangement to cook as it can’t be made in an ordinary kitchen,it is mix of brinjal,channa dal and spices,somewhat similar to Batti in Gujrat.The only place in Pune where you can find this delicacy is at this stop.Just one of the best dishes from traditions and sure going to be your favourite.

Owner:Abhishek Kumar, proudly serves Bihar delicacy called “LittlChokha”. He elaborated on the dish as a North Indian dish popular in Bihar, where Litti is a preparation of channa atta wrapped in flour sprinkled with Onion seed and is served with bengan alluchokha. 

Customer Review – Pratruki – “very authentic Bihari food… I frequent visit here as it has sattu (roasted channa flour) which bring home memories back. A must try for all.”

Punjab ice cream kulfi

litti chokha - IMG 20170622 195742 300x168 - WAKAD KHAU GALLI / STREET FOODS OF WAKAD


A funny experience as the name will make you believe its serving some special variety of Punjabi ice-cream… but hey what the heck.. whats in a name.. these guy serves you nice Rajasthani ice cold delicacies. A good wide variety of ice-creams mostly focusing on the Indian styles like kulfi and pure milk kesar malai ice-creams,one which you canrelish on while taking a walk across the streets.

Customer Review- Sayeed – good stuff… tasty… my favourite is badam rabadi