Website design & build which are Google SEO friendly:

We come across websites built for clients which are zoombie websites. Zoombie for the reason that they are not found in google search results. Now a website without google presence is a sheer waste of money and cheating of the customer. Clients are sometimes charged additionally for google indexing which should be part of the core first round delivery of website.

We dont play such dirty tricks with our clients and believe in providing a best fit digital & web presence or can be also called “google presence”, which encompasses the a complete workable website, which is google searchable and more.

SEO / SMO optimisation of your website:

The exact problem of “half cooked website” is the one which does not appear in google searches. Such
incomplete websites can be considered by us for them to be taken to SEO friendly completion by our SEO experts. After all, your web story remains incomplete till you are not in google searches.

Performance Optimisation of website:

Start counting till 60 for we will present you our beautiful website after 60 seconds. Hey.. don’t move on
please… this is what happens when your website or pages takes long time. Anything beyond 4secs is just not bearable. So welcome in Performance / Optimisation of websites. We are experts in Website Performance
Optimisation and we take that as a challenge thrown towards our passion. If you are infected with bad performing websites, approach us for a quick free consultation and we are here to help you.

Security Bolting your website:

Website hacks/malware/spamware are very common these days. We provide you solutions which help reduce the risks drastically. After all, security is not just external but very much internal workings too can cause security breach. We provide a holistic advise to make sure your website is far more secure from hacks as well as guidelines to ensure that your internal processes are factoring sufficient safety to
avoid security lapses.

Keeping Social Presence of your Business Warm(annual engagement service):
Creation of Social presence is like creation of website, however to keep an
active social presence means far more planning, effort and engagement.
Many businesses are just too bogged down by daily matters, operations
and more and are hardly left with any energetic window of time to take
care of the social presence of their business. We can offer you our
experienced slice of time to take care of this critical front of your business.
This will work out in a close model where we actively engage with you and
your team in completing a more active social presence of your business.

Digital & Brand Marketing Managerial Services:

We become your 360° digital brand manager who constantly looks at bring better, improved and
right fit digital branding strategy, which gets discussed with you periodically and executed as per the execution plan. Our expertise comes in identifying for you effective and innovative channels of branding, which will ensure
your brand resides in the mind of your customers.

Digital Banner Ads:

World is going through a gradual but paradigm shift from some of the archaic and expensive ATL marketing approaches to more measurable BTL Advertising modes. Thus, the very conventional mediums of physical banners, leaflets are give way to Digital Ads which are measurable and trackable. The very real reason for this shift is that the value proposition is truly in the Interactive, Traceable and Measurable nature of Digital Banner Ads where eyeballs & clicks can be measured, analysed and findings used to refine the Ad further for better targeted
results. The conventional modes clearly lacks this capability. SmartSuburbs™ network of location web portals give you this opportunity to promote your business & services using Digital Banner Ads on our Home
page, Biz Category page, Marketplace and more spaces.

Local Businesses in Local Business Directories:

There goes as a golden marketing rule that a Local Business cannot afford in not getting listed in a Local Directory. After all, 70% of your customer foot falls come from within 1 to 2 sqkms of your store location. Local customers look for more local content / reliable local directories to find the right information.

Thus, getting your business prominently listed using a rich info Premium Listing should be your first step as it comes at a highly discounted pricing if you compare with the money businesses have to spend to come top in google search results. Thus, our esteemed clients like, Chonde Patil Sports Club and others have received huge benefit from Google’s organic traffic to their respective services. SmartSuburbs™ representative will be glad to share the 12 rich features of Premium Listing which come at just Rs.3000 per year.

Biz Events & Biz Articles:

It is vital for a business to keep churning out events and post event articles to keep the business in the limelight. SmartSuburbs™ offers local Events platform which can take your local workshops, events and can even help you with payment collection. Events and post event stories do appear in google searches and gradually create
more traffic to your website.

Email campaigns: One of the most aggressively used medium to promote business is via email campaigns and we have a local email database covering Wakad, PimpleSaudagar, Baner Balewadi, Aundh, PCMC and
Hinjawadi areas (around 50k emails).

SMS Marketing:

Its not the end of world for SMS marketing though it is less effective compared with 10 years ago. However, it still remains one of the cheapest mode to be tried over the conventional and expensive modes like print leaflets.

Facebook Page Creation / Facebook Paid Advertisement:

Brand awareness is step one of Brand build. For a consumer/retail targeted brand, it is vital to promote your brand over social media today as it is a fast, effective and measurable channel to establish brand presence.
Facebook page is one of the most effective mediums today to promote your business and every business must have this highly cost effective social medium of business. From having a page, to keeping it updated regularly
with business posts and then eventually taking to paid advertisement is something of a journey which can be trusted upon to our team at SmartSuburbs™. The most effective approach is to go for a 6 monthly
engagement which helps you get a complete exposure and experience of facebook social media as a channel under one agency like ours.

Google Adwords:

We all google for things when we need them. So it is a well known fact that searches on google are more ‘need based’ compared with facebook searches. So spending money on Google Ads is putting money to grab
almost real genuine buyers of any product or service. Google Ads provides a mechanism whereby we can get top position on google search results by placing very informative and effective links and bid
for ‘keywords’ relevant to your product/service. SmartSuburbs™ team has google Adwords experts who can help build a relevant and cost effective strategy in ensuring that you get more of the valued clicks/leads to your business.

Ecommerce Store front:

Are you into retail products and aspire to have your own branded eCommerce store capable of google search friendly product listings? As we own and operate an eCommerce store in Education space, we carry
some good solid experience in setting up and operations of eCommerce store. Our expertise is not just building website and then handing that over to you.. but rather an end-2-end eCommerce build-operate-handover

Amazon/Flipkart Martketplace Advisory & Setup service:

Do you aspire to sell nationally? Then Amazon and/or Flipkart marketplace are the best marketplaces we have in India today to sell at a country level online market where millions of Indians shop today. We at SmartSuburbs™
also carry this experience of setting up and managing and account on these two marketplaces. Our own Educational book store also sells via these 2 channels. Setting up and operations of marketplace requires some good timely processes and procedures in place as the marketplaces expect stringent
quality, delivery and returns processing SLAs. However, the benefits outweigh the process expectations which once are streamlined become good workflows benefiting the business overall. Our consultancy in this will study your product and accordingly guide you on the overall setup to operations and customer communications.