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” Awesome food fast delivery. Hungry bole to call urthenfire. Natural food authentic taste served in pots which are very desi and unique idea.“. – Ravi Raj Kadam

“Getting served in earthen pots is always a great feeling and this place justifies it. The food is served in pots here. Staff is kind and well behaved. Ambience is ok. We ordered Corn Cheese ball, Veg Tiranga, Butter Naan and Jeera Rice. The food is nice and you can definitely visit this place”. – Krishnakumar Agrawal

“Very yummy food, at a reasonable rate, loved the way they serve in the earthen pots.. would love to try again and again. I would love to recommend to all my friends and family for a tasteful experience”. – Samidha Kelvekar


About Urthenfire Restaurant

‘URTHENFIRE………. love your fire The food is cooked served and delivered in earthen / clay pots which is fired up with all 5 elements earth, water, fire, air and space. Not only traditional Indian biryani’s and gravies, are prepared and cooked on slow fire in clay pots by our talented chefs but also chapatis and bhakri’s are cooked on clay tava’s. The slow processed food cooked in clay pots enhances the quality and flavour’s of the food retaining much of its natural nutrition. Food cooked in clay pots in our kitchen is with fresh ingredients and cold pressed peanut, olive or sunflower oil which keeps the tummy healthy with good digestion without triggering acidity or any other side effects.’

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Live-up the Mohenjo-daro food taste @urthenfire

Since the primitive times mankind has been cooking in earthen pots. The use of earthen pots has been found at some of the oldest ancient cities of Mohenjo-daro and other Indus Valley sites which have been discovered. These clay pots may have perhaps been used for cooking and /or storage.

Ancient Scientific usage of earthen pots: Ayurveda has been successfully using clay / earthen pots in particular shapes to prepare precious bhasma (oxides of metals including gold & silver) due to its typical and unique earthly properties.


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Phone: +91 7498084879
Survey 166, Dutta Mandir Road, Opposite Pawana Bank, Wakad
Pune, Maharashtra


Urthenfire Restaurant Services

We are committed to excellence in the Quality of our Food & Services.

Take-Away :

Taste our delightful food at home, by ordering online in Pune & Mumbai. Food Cooked & Served in Earthen Pots.

Restaurant :

Visit our Unique Restaurant to celebrate your happy moments.

Celebrate Happiness. Create Memories.

URTHENFIRE, a kitchen with a concept to cook food in earthen pots, serve in earthen pots and deliver the food to your door step in earthen pots with nutritious food.A casual dine restaurant is set up at Wakad, Pune and a delivery kitchen in Andheri, Mumbai with an online presence for both with Zomato, Food Panda, Swiggy & UberEats for food delivery. The kitchens, at both, Mumbai and Pune are maintained with highest possible hygiene.

Our Values –

  • Excellent listening skills
  • ;

  • Excellent service delivery
  • ;

  • Excellent innovation activities
  • ;

  • Excellent hygiene
  • ;

  • Excellent, balanced food
  • ;

  • Excellent raw material selection
  • ;

  • Excellent motivated personnel team

Corporate Catering Services :

URTHENFIRE with dedicated team having rich industrial experience, offers services in the domain of Industrial Catering, Outdoor & Event Catering, and Institutional Catering.

Industrial Catering

Our industrial catering services involves the provision of food and beverages on a large scale to corporate bodies, Institutions in their Cafeterias, Guest houses, Construction sites, labour camps, and other specialized locations through the installations and technical sustenance of effective operational and stock control systems.

Institutional catering

Provide catering services for various institutions such as, schools, colleges, Hostels, Hospitals, Hotels, Gymnasiums, clubs, EDR (Executive Dining Rooms), Government institutions etc.

Outdoor & Event Catering

Provide wide range of scrumptious mouth watering cuisines through our reliable out door and event catering services to clients.


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S.No. 166, Datta Mandir Road,

Near Datta Mandir Opposite Pawana Bank,

Wakad, Pune – 411057.

Contact no.-

+91 7498084879
+91 7498066656


Healthy Earthenware Clay Pot Cooking Food in Wakad – Urthenfire