Cotton Candy – fairies’floss in Wakad, Pune


fairies’floss TM  
Natural Color Cotton Candies

fairies’floss is premium cotton candy brand own by Ricoira Foods Pvt Ltd. Cotton Candy or Fairy Floss is also known as ‘ Buddhi Ka Baal’ in India. It is very popular among all and Ricoira achieved great success while giving it Quality and shelf life to Product.

Unique Product

Superfine Thread – These are the finest thread cotton candies developed by Ricoira Labs. The silky smooth candy thread melts instantly on tongue as you consume and gives a very different experience at all.

Natural Color – These Cotton Candies are completely safe and comes with Natural Color. Now keep you children away from unhygienic street-side cotton candy. And yes, don’t worry about hazards of artificial color used in large quantity in street side pink cotton candy .

Quality – Quality is at the centre of Ricoira Labs Manufacturing Process. This starts from exceptional ingredients, manufacturing process to packaging material.

Large Quantity – Though cotton candy cup looks small, it has very large quantity inside.

Longer shelf life – This comes with 3-4 months best before. Now you can enjoy cotton candy all day in year, Just pick any flavoured cup from stored staples at your home and open it. You will enjoy as good as  FRESH cotton candy any time.


fairies’floss – Delicious Flavours



fairies’floss – Special Treat for Kids in Birthday Party

Have you hosted birthday party for kids and confused with the treats for kids ? No worries ! You can order our assorted box of 24 pieces as many as you want from shop now button ( given below ) Or you can even go for single flavour 24 piece boxes.

And yes, don’t worry even if you order 1-2 cotton candies extra, Yes open these cotton candy cups later on weekends and celebrate again. It won’t go waste.

It’s just not only little guests but their parents will also remember you for such a mouth watering treat.

birthday-celebration Cotton Candy – fairies’floss in Wakad, Pune | cotton candy - fairies’floss in wakad, puneThis is special day and a very special occasion to celebrate. The joy so abundant and feels so special because a surprise gift from mamma is so delicious. Thank you fairies’floss for spreading smiles and creating moments for a lifetime.”




About Ricoira:

Ricoira About Us Cotton Candy – fairies’floss in Wakad, Pune | cotton candy - fairies’floss in wakad, puneOur story was baked in the summer of 2014 when a former career business consultant envisaged a food company to serve traditional treats with new twists. Officially founded in the year 2015, Ricoira food offers products filled with quality ingredients that are chosen carefully but the most important ingredient that makes our products special is – nostalgia. Ricoira is committed to bring world class confectioneries to your shelf with old world charm along with modern hygiene practices. Our state of the art imported process is under strict quality control. It aims at providing one and all with quality products unlike anything that is already available. Our confectionery is art that is nurtured with love. We are certain that our products will be loved by all our patrons, just like you.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1.What is so different about Ricoira’s fairies’ floss than regular street side cotton candy ?

Confectionary is an art and when it comes to cotton candy we are masters of it. As you will unfold and treat yourself with fairies’ floss, you are going to discover amazing taste and new experience of cotton candy threads. With it’s fully imported core manufacturing machines, Ricoira stands apart from others through its product development, manufacturing process, material handling, packaging, which we believe is exceptional/unique about us.

2.How to store fairies’ floss ?

Many of our consumers can’t stop themselves having fairies’ floss instantly after purchasing. However, you can store fairies’ floss packed cups anywhere with normal weather conditions. We recommend cool, dry storage conditions away from direct sunlight. You can also refrigerate cotton candy for longer shelf life.

3.We have kids party at our home and how can we purchase fairies’ floss in bulk ?

24 cups are packed in one case and you can purchase as many cases as you want from local retailer. If you find it difficult to search for nearest retailer or if the quantity is more than 50 cases, please contact

4.How do you ensure quality, when we have seen so unhygienic conditions while making floss at the local vendor?

Ricoira is corporate institute which vows for quality products. To ensure quality throughout manufacturing process we have (strategic) partnerships with NABL certified Labs and ongoing quality consulting practice with industry veterans. We also have standard supplier selection methods. The manufacturing machines are procured from best vendors across globe.

5.We need more flavors and colors? Are there any plans for same?

Sure, we understand your query and Ricoira Labs is constantly working towards developing custom flavours which will satisfy your sweet tooth. Please for further discussion.

Ricoira Labs:

Ricoira lab Cotton Candy – fairies’floss in Wakad, Pune | cotton candy - fairies’floss in wakad, puneRicoira Labs is testimony to our commitment, to continually (use continuously or persistently) improve our products and portfolio. With Ricoira Labs, we repeatedly strive to improve our manufacturing process and take it ahead towards world class quality. Our main focus is on quality food products, ingredients, manufacturing process and packaging. As Ricoira Labs, we strive to develop and serve a variety of food and confectionary products that will (future tense) serve taste buds across all age groups. At Ricoira, we are committed to invest more resources and energy only to deliver the promises made as Ricoira Labs.

Traditional cotton candy is very popular among the young generation and also among adults. We, at Ricoira Labs have innovated one of the finest threads in cotton candy that is silky smooth and is approximately a 50 micrometre thread. Besides, we are the only manufacturers in West and Central India that provide ‘Best before 4 months’.