The Sholay Restaurant Vishal Nagar Wakad

About Us:

Indian Food is influenced by the Mughals, Persians, Turks, British and many other rulers who brought their own unique recipe from their hinterland. The Flavors in the north of india are complex and rich in aroma, flavored with precious saffron. Some of the best baked breads like rotis paratha’s naans etc. come from this region. Western indian cuisine draws its palette from the abundance of the sea the portuguese imprint and raw spices. Bengali cuisine brings with it the subtle as well as its intense flavours to create some of the best fresh and seawater fish preparations.

In the olden days, food was not merely a means to satiate hunger. It was an art mastered by those with dedication and perseverance. Each dish had its own distinctive ingredients, style of preparation and even a particular way of serving. It was crafted with attention and love. Somewhere along the lines of an evolving world, that love was lost. But every new beginning has a renewed purpose. Meet Sikandar – your hunger buddy at Sholay. Besides being an incredible chef, he’s a fountain of knowledge, food trivia and knows secret intricacies of North Indian cooking. Join him on an epic journey across India’s glorious gastronomic history, spanning several influences from different regions. We’re sure you’ll take back even more than the amazing dishes we serve – an unforgettable experience which will linger on…forever.