Guide To Download LIC Premium Payment Receipt

Guide To Download LIC Premium Payment Receipt

Guide To Download LIC Premium Payment Receipt

Guide To Download LIC Premium Payment Receipt Guide To Download LIC Premium Payment Receipt | guide to download lic premium payment receipt

Life Insurance Corporation of India is one of the most trusted insurance company in India. LIC is not only popular for its wide presence and numerous variety of life insurance products, but it is also known for high-quality customer services it provides. Right from purchasing the LIC policy to claiming the benefits, LIC offers ease and convenience to its customers for every service. LIC’s e-services make it easy for the customer to pay the premiums online without any hassles and access LIC online payment receipt anytime. Visiting the branch to obtain the LIC premium paid certificate is no longer needed.

LIC premium paid statement is usually required by policyholders to submit it as proof of investment for income tax declaration purposes. LIC online payment receipt and consolidated premium paid statement can be downloaded from the LIC website easily with few clicks.

Steps to download LIC premium payment receipt

User ID and password for the LIC customer login portal is all that you need to download the LIC premium payment receipt instantly in no time. That means you need to be registered for the LIC e-services to download the LIC premium paid certificate. If you are a registered user, following are the simple steps to follow to download the premium certificate:

  • Log on to LIC website
  • Click on ‘customer portal’ tab under ‘online services. You will be redirected to LIC online services portal
  • Click on ‘Registered User ‘tab under ‘LIC’s e-Services’
  • Login with your user ID, password and date of birth
  • On the welcome screen, there will be two choices given to download premium paid statement – ‘Individual Policy Paid Statement’ and ‘Consolidated Premium Paid Statement’. If you would like to download LIC premium paid certificate for each policy that you hold, click on ‘Individual Policy Paid Statement’ or if you would like to avail statement for each and every LIC policy that you hold, then click on ‘Consolidated Premium Paid Statement’
  • Select the policy number and choose the fiscal year
  • Click on download premium paid receipt. That simple it is to download LIC premium payment receipt for registered users
  • You can save the downloaded statement or you can take a hard copy printed out depending on your requirement

In case, you are not registered for LIC’s e-services, you can register yourself with a few simple steps.

Steps to register yourself on LIC’s online services portal

  • Log on to LIC website
  • Click on ‘customer portal’ tab under ‘online services. You will be redirected to LIC online services portal
  • Click on the ‘New User‘ tab under ‘LIC’s e-Services’
  • Create your LIC account by giving inputs related to any one of your LIC policy
  • Policy number, premium instalment, date of birth, mobile number, email ID, passport number and PAN number are the important details to be entered on the page
  • Once the relevant details are entered, confirm and proceed to create the account
  • Choose the password of your preference and complete registration process
  • Further, you can add all your LIC policies in the same account
  • Fill up the request form for availing all e-services under the same login
  • Once the LIC sends confirmation, you can start accessing all the premier e-services too.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What would you do if you lost or have not received LIC premium paid receipt?

If you have lost your LIC premium payment receipt or if you have not received the hard copy, you can log on to LIC online customer portal with your user credentials and download the same by choosing the policy number under ‘LIC premium paid certificate’ service facility offered on the portal.

  1. How to check your LIC policy schedule?

LIC online services portal offers plenty of services. Policy schedule can also be downloaded from your LIC’s account online. You need to log in to LIC’s e-services portal with your user credentials. Then, click on ‘Policy Schedule’ option and download it for the specific policy type.

  1. Does ‘LIC premium paid certificate’ come in PDF?

Yes, when you download premium payment receipt, the certificate is generated in PDF format.

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