Krishna Kamala Enclave (Uttarahalli bangalore submission) – 2019

Krishna Kamala Enclave (Uttarahalli bangalore submission) – 2019

Name: sakshitha prakash

Address: Krishna Kamala Enclave Uttarahalli, bangalore

Theme: organic Decor

Decoration Description = As mentioned in vedas for ganesha his parents shiva and parvati are described as world..
thus i hav shown world as shiva and parvati in kailash..
for *worlds prosperity* we as humans need to *go green* in all ways *stop corruption* and *go organic* which in all means bring prosperity…equally no one can stay without *farmer and soldier* ..their by saluting *jai jawaan jai kisaan* .
Thus my concept of ganesha bringing properity to all this festival

Decoration Materials Used =flag and mattock in hands of *jai jawaan jai kisaan ganesha*
coins for *ganesha against corruption*
beetle leaf for *go green ganesha* beans,turmeric,pulses,red chilly for *organic ganesha* ..hence it is completely eco friendly